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First Floor Construction.

Want to upgrade your home and a new floor to the structure? There are a lot of factors that you will have to consider before planning to increase your living space vertically.

1.We will arrange an engineer to inspect the ground and the existing structure to know whether or not the two can withstand a new structure on top. A new structure means more pressure and weight on the ground as well as on the existing structure.

2.Once We inspect the property we will get a concept plan from an Engineer. It is nothing but the house construction we propose. We can draw more than one plan and re-draw the plan. We can take more time for this process. Our Engineer will help you to draw a plan as per vasthu.They will help you in, the provision of columns depends on the type of structure you are going to build, and columns and beams, in this type of structures the function of beams and columns are carried by load bearing walls. Then we will arrange at the budget.

3. Our Team will give a detailed list of Works included with minute details like cost of tiles, Closets etc. We also assure you that during the time of construction we will not demand more than the agreed amount coating the increae in the price of materials. you can have a thorough discussion after going through the list we give. We will give you the details of amounts you have to give at varoius stages of construction and at any point of time you would feel happy that the amount you give as, is already invested in your house.