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Joint Venture

We are interested in small joint ventures. We have come across cases where people own plots but could not raise enough funds to construct a house. Loans may be available but again monthly outflow may affect your budget. But, if we construct a house, we get regular monthly income. As the New Pension scheme has come into being, additional income by way of rent would be of much help. Here only, our role comes. You can think of giving half or a portion of the land to us. We will construct a house in the portion retained by you by utilizing the cost of the portion given to us. We will build two house one for you and one for us. We may sell our house after the construction is over. The finer points are as follows:

1. The breath of the plot should be more than 30 ft. so that division is possible.

2. As we do not pay for your plot to be given to us, we charge less for the construction of your portion.

3. We can discuss further regarding the safeguards we have to take to protect your interests.

4. We have already entered into a similar joint venture and the process had started. A person was having 40x50 size plot. He has given 20x50 portion to us. We have undertaken to construct a house in his other portion.

5. We will help you to draw a plan, regularize the plot and to get plan approval. We will involve you at each stage of construction.

Give us a chance. Let's discuss.