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Patta Assistance

Changing the Patta in our name is necessary. Lack of a patta is like having only a dhoti and no shirt. Our place should come in our name in the state land records. we may be having a sale deed but the land continues to be in earlier owner's name. If our name does not appear we will not be aware of any changes / acquisitions made by the state Government . We will any information from the state Government regarding our plot/ Land.

What to do for Patta change?

We must first arrange all our Title Deeds.A lot of people will keep only their Sale deed.This is not enough.This is not enough. We must have all the parental documents, Death and Regal Certifcate if any and also the land records like patta, Chitta etc.Please consider the following as an example. Kannan is the first owner of the subject plots. The patta and chitta are in his name. Raman has bought from Kannan. We have bought from Raman. Now we need to submit the kannan's sale deed, Raman's sale deed and our sale deed with our application.Suppose if there are death and legal heir ship certifcate we have to submit them also. We should also encumbrance cerficate and verify the entries.You can apply online and give the documents to the surveyor and approach him regularly to change the Patta in our name.A retired senior manager of Canara Bank and his team are available to do these job for you.We will do it at a lowe service charge. Money does not have to be paid in advance for first 10 customers.