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House Renovation/ Remodelling

As we take care of our health regularly, we have to undertake repairs and renovations. It will lenghen the life of the house besides creating a better/ cleaner atmosphere. The following areas need regular attentions:

1. TOILET: In spite of regular cleaning, the toilets need regular repairs. We have to change toilet closets at regular intervals. We should also change the tiles. It may not cost much. We would have laid earlier tiles as per the availability at that time. Now, times has changed. New concept type of tiles are available now. We can have a fresh look. The toilet door also need replacement. Now, good PVC doors with good pictures have come. Our team will undertake all these works without charging much and without disturbing you much. Give us a chance.

2. The next area is kitchen. We can change kitchen into a modular kitchen. We will lay fresh granite, drawers, cupboards, chimney etc. When we mention Modular Kitchen, people are afraid of the high quotation being quoted by companies. We do not have high overheads. Hence, at reasonable rates, we can change your kitchen into a Modular kitchen.

3. In houses, after some years, the tiles will make noice Or it would come out. In the case of marble or granite, in spite of lots of cleaning, the original color would not come back and it needs replacement. We undertake such works. We remove all the tiles/marble/granite and lay new tiles etc. In areas, where the proper curing of the basement has not happened and where the mud/soil is loose, we undertake concrete work by laying steel rods and strengthen the floor before laying tiles. Now that very high quality tiles with higher length has come in the market, we can change our house into a new/model one. Give us a chance.